Control System Part #1

Ok guys,i remember when i was studied about Controlling [Pengantar System Control] and i know that basic component of controll system are: referrence input element which causes the command signal, feedback element,controller element,error detector, controlled system,and Output Signal. So complicated,isn’t?calm down. I’ll try to tell you all about i know.

For the first,reference input element.these constitute the position of feedback cotroll system that establishes the relationship between the command and a certain reference input. And the refernce input is asignal established as a standard of comparison for a feedback controll systemby virtue of its relation of the command.

we know that error detector is a element in which one system variable is subtrated frm anothjer variable to obtain third variable [error signal]. we can called also comparator. feddback element ll produced feddback signal and have function for controled output which is compared with the reference signal to obtain the actuating signal. for compared in comparator we get error signal. so srror signal i think that algebraic sum of the reference input and the primary feedback.  so far so good???hehe

ill try again.others element are controlled system and controller. controller is an element that is required to generate the appropriate control signal. and controlled system is a body , processing, or machinery of which a particular condition is to be controlled. like as reactor maybe. thanks a lot.and im sorry for my bad english.but ill learn more for my english.thank you very much.


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