Your identity in your pocket

Everytime, everywhere, everymoment, everyday We need mobile phone. We need Blackberry to make an appoinment, to communicate with someone, to jail, or many others. Mobile phone is  an electronic device used for two way communication  over a base station or communication station. Portable, and mobile. We can put in our pocket, our bag, but cant be put in our heart..(ceileeehh).

I live in Indonesia, this country have a lot of mega biodiversity, mega Energy, and a lot of renewable resources. All information in this country is very important. But a lot of people isnt know about that. I think every Indonesian have cellular phone, CDMA or GSM, or Nor CDMA and GSM. I know GSM more than CDMA. In Wikipedia, GSM is worlds most popular standard for mobile telephony system. GSM early developed in 1982 when CEPT created the Groupe Special Mobile to develop a standard for a mobile telephone system that could be used across Europe. And in 1989 GSM responsibility was trasnfered to the ETSI and phase 1 of the GSM of specificationss were published for public in 1991 in Findland. This firstly it was launched by Radiolinja with join technical infrastructure maintenance by Ericsson.

What is relation between communication technology and identity in this post? Well, In cellphone has a IMEI Number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Its used  by the GSM network to identity valid devices and therefore can be used for stopping a stolen phone accessing the network in that country. WOW….sound great, poor me while we dont know about it anymore. It means that we have private identity on our pocket. And all activity with cellphone or about me, you, he, she can be accessed by satelite or government who have satelite.

In the UK, under the mobile telephone Act, cahing the IMEI  of a phone, or possessing equipment that can cange it, is considered an offence under some circumtance. And IMEI in CDMA mobile is MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier). its uses the same basic format as the EMEI.

Your identity in your pocket includes information on the origin, model, and serial number of our cellphone. On many devices, the IMEI number can be retrieved by entering *#06#, or using the AT command ATD*#06#. The IMEI number of a GSM device can be retrieved by sending the command AT+CGSN.

IMEI information on BB and on new Sony Ericsson devices can also be found by going to options, then status.


So… Dont be Sex phone, SMS sex, or many liar activity using your cellphone!!Save your Data cellphone savely… Our activity have been recorded..


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