telehealth and telemedicine

Telehealth und telemedicine

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This issue was present at my job recrueiment process yesterday in Cendrawasih room KAGAMA. I dont know a lot of thing about telecommunication industry but i would present and i would do the best.i was inspired by iphone’s picture on above of this post.this is new technology era, we can do a lot of thisng just from 1 gadget. maybe the future living of the human will be as in the surrogates film. you just stay and control your robot at home. at present, technology  is possible to search everything,inclueded gost (just for sharing). In android market we can download prgram for search a bugaboo or any bugaboo.wiiiiii…for the first when i used this program, i was anxious, surpressed. and i was remembered by the lesson of elementary of physics especially electromagnetic that android application (gost searcher) is intertain application, not serious.the program just detect the natural phenomenons as such electromagnetic field, temperature,and another important phenomenon.

back to the topic,telehelath and telemedicine are one of integrating telecommunication technology in human life.we can do telesurgery,teleTHT,telecardiology,and many develop this program, we need technology, budget,and list of society it s simple program.thats all and sorry for my bad post.:-)