Smile Sunday :-)

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About sing a song.The real corner of our hearts is not only about 1 person.Maybe about our nation, our parents, our passion, or anything. Hyufff,like as the title above, today is SUNDAY. maybe this is lazy day after hallowen day. I wake up lately and i had fail to jogging in the morning early. The best and the greatest wealth is healt,this is one of the virgil notes.The health must be keep and guarded. Happy sunday and keep your health.remember virgil note that “the greatest welath is health”

back to the topic,about song. i was read news that in Hungaria has a forbidden song,the tittle of the song is GLOOMY SUNDAY.”Gloomy Sunday” is a song composed by Hungarian pianist and composer Rezső Seress in 1933, as Vége a világnak (End of the world),[1] with alternate Szomorú vasárnap (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈsomoruː ˈvɒʃaːrnɒp]) (Sad Sunday) lyrics written by László Jávor. The original lyrics depicted a war-stricken Hungary and a silent prayer to God. Jávor’s lyrics are a mourning to a lost lover and a pledge to commit suicide to meet said lover again in the afterlife.[2] It has become known as the “Hungarian Suicide Song” because, supposedly, many people have been found dead by means of suicide with this song playing.whyyyyyy….

and do you know,what the result when i type “gloomy sunday” on google?youtube,wikipedia,bla bla bla bla bla will show many gloomy picture.

today is is gloomy.but life is never flat.sometime is going down,and believe that sometime is going up.

tsssahh..i like this note,this note can motivate me.When i  go down, i know what i will the motivation story, and move and is never must go on if u want a better life.

sorry for my bad post,have a nice weekend. 🙂