Hold you plan

Thankyou God, Alhamdulillah. Thankful for this life. 1 by 1 opportunity is going out, but 1 by 1 oppotunity is coming, although i never dont know “what is your best plan for me” 

This post is about plan. Everybody have plan,have a dream. and They are doing everything to reach her/his dream. This is real fighter characterictic. Keep fighting till her/his dream is held. And anyway what is your passion ha?maybe for 10 years later.

hmmmmm.this is simple,I get a better life.simple,isn’it?this is my vision for 10 years later.and i have many plan and many mission to reach this plan.get a good job with good carrier, save money to have a deposit.and and and and and.hahahahahah..sorry for my bad post, sepecially in this english edition.For 5 years a go i had a plan such as got GPA cumlaude,excelent in computer programming,bla bla bla bla bla..and finally i cant realize all of them.It was very resentful.but its ok, i fell i get more thing than my vission.and i said “alhamdulillah” i get all of that.

I remember that in Ar Rahman (13) ” Fabiayyialairobbikumatukadziban” and this subsection is medicine when i hurt.hehehe.Now, just do the best for everything,be honest, be better person.hahaha.God gives us ordeal because He love us, and need to forming us to be better person, stronger. Just moving forward (Daihatsu motto) and keep fighting man.

sorry..just sharing and so sorry for my bad english.Good Luck everybody,Just in God we trust.Coz He is the best judge.